Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekend happenings...

Counting down the days till I finally leave sixth form (in May) and what better way to pass the time than sharing your bed with 6 people and having 2 and a half hours sleep.

So yes, while I probably should have been doing some hardcore revision for my literature exam tomorrow me and my friend Shanice decided that, as I had a free house, we'd attempt to throw a...'party'.
Turns out most people already had plans for their Friday night, so we got the vodka in and persuaded my sister and our friend Ash to come over for a few drinks, and eventually were joined by two of my other friends who paid 24 pound in a taxi to attend this 'party' (luckily they didn't care too much when it wasn't actually a party)

I do love random nights with my friends, drinking vodka and having to spoon to fit everybody in the bed.

Life is too good right now.

Last night I stayed at mine with Shanice and we ordered 50 pounds worth of Domino's and fell asleep watching Haunting in Connecticut (wouldn't recommend that to anybody btw...the film not the pizza) and today I went to Nikki's for some last minute revision and discovered I am most definitely going to fail tomorrow.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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