Saturday, 22 January 2011

Where on earth have I been!?

I have a marathon of posts coming up for you all in the next few days to make up for lost time, i'm sorry i've been rubbish lately i've been so busy all week.
So last weekend as you may know me and my friend Nikki popped to London on the Friday night for the weekend for Nikki's interview at Middlesex University, but we decided we may as well make a weekend of it :)

So on the Friday night, me and Nikki got on the train and has pringles and wine prepared for the 2 and a half hour journey :/ my sister had us booked us in to a hotel in Chelsea as we arrived quite late, the hotel was so lovely! We had a huge bed and a double shower. We got there at about 11:30pm so decided to just go to M&S and get lots of food and stay in for the night.

On the Saturday morning my sister had to go to work at 10am, so we all woke up quite early and had breakfast then she popped off to work, about an hour later me and Nikki went to her nail shop and got our nails done, sat on the massage chairs etc.. Then we all went to KFC for some lunch and met my sisters friend Rani, my sister then decided to have the day off work and take us all to Camden for the day. I love Camden! It's probably one of my favourite places ever, whilst there we did a little bit of shopping and was tourists for a bit then we went to a few pubs and had a few drinks, we then went to Camberwell for more drinks and went to a pub where a few bands were playing which was pretty cool :) The night ended in us going back to my sisters flat in Chelsea and I really don't remember much after that....

On the Sunday we decided to be even bigger tourists and go for lunch and cocktails on Kings Road then popping to Harrods for the day, I also love Harrods, if I had all the money in the world I could happily be left there on my own for hours. I bought some cupcakes! We then decided to go for more drinks in Peckham (yes, we pretty much went everywhere). So we went to a snooker club and had a few more drinks and then went home again and watched a film and fell asleep at the reasonably early time of 3:30am ready for Nikki's interview in the morning.

The next morning was quite a rushed one as we trotted off across London to Middlesex at 8am! Managing to stop off for a McDonalds breakfast we eventually got there, whilst Nikki was in her interview me and Ann took it upon ourselves to find something to do for..wait for it...5 HOURS! Yes, you heard correctly!
We roamed around the University seeing what we could get up to and eventually decided that we should just sit in the music department and try to mingle in with the people in there, as we sat in those seats, listening to the bands and watching all the musicians walk on by we managed to listen in on a few interesting conversations, got talking to one or two guys as well as having a guy bring us out a big tin of chocolates because we were bored and lonely. How cute!
Despite arriving 10 minutes late and having drinks the night before Nikki said the interview went quite well!

So after Middlesex off we went to Oxford Square for a leg wax, oh yes. A leg wax.
After that we wondered around Regent Street being tourists, taking pictures with Rhino's etc.. (as you do) then went to China Town for dinner.


And after a very long, tiring weekend off we went to the train station. But no, the drama didn't stop there... Clever clogs Jodie went to WHSmith to buy snacks for the train ride home, but as I couldn't find my money I emptied my pockets and eventually broke in to other money. As I boarded the train I realised I had no money, no train tickets, no phone or no camera...With 7 minutes before the train was leaving I luckily made it back to WHSmith where the lady had picked up my things and had them with her. PHEW! I made the train just in time and sat back and relaxed for another 2 and half hour train journey.

So yes, sorry for the very long, and picture heavy post. But that was last weekend in a nutshell :)
More posts to come throughout the day about the weeks/last nights doings :)
Hope you've all had a good weekend too!
P.s excuse the really messy layout, Blogger hates me.


  1. Love all the pictures! you guys look like you had tons of fun!

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a fun-packed weekend! The cupcakes look gorgeous. x

  3. Aah this post is making me excited for my interview! I have one in London and my friend is going to an open day at the same time so we're staying in a hotel the night before! Your nails look really cool and I'm just a bit hungry now after seeing all the food photos x