Wednesday, 22 December 2010

small update.

i've been trying to keep myself quite busy the past couple of days and it's been nice *(stressful)* to see my lovely nieces and get some christmas shopping out of the way.
the other day i finally ordered russell brand's booky wook and some photo's online, can't wait to get them! shame the stupid post has been delayed. it's probably the first thing i've bought myself in ages!

today i got my 3rd university offer from Northampton! :D i'm so happy they liked my rushed pieces of writing! it's definitely one of my top choices and it's only an hour and half away from home :D
my sister then came over and we decided to do some christmas shopping as i was yet to have bought a single present! :|
although i'm not quite finished i did manage to get quite a few people out of the way, and whilst shopping and quickly popping in LUSH i've discovered that all of the christmas stuff are going on a half price sale on boxing day!!! i'm so excited, i will be stood outside LUSH at 10am waiting for that moment :)

it keeps on snowing here in the west midlands and i have took a few pictures but i can't find my camera lead :( but i'll have a rummage.
tomorrow night i'm off to wolverhampton till christmas so i may not be blogging in the next few days, so just incase i wish every single one of you a lovely christmas! hope santa brings you everything you want :)
i'll be back soon :D

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