Monday, 20 December 2010

10 reasons to smile!

1) Finding my camera!
I tidied around my room a little bit yesterday and finally found my camera, I missed it lots as I love snow pictures! Expect better blogs soon :D
2) Work
Work isn't exactly something to be happy about, however at this time of year it's quite cheery, I get to see Reindeer's, and get lots of little children wishing me a happy Christmas! Cutest thing ever :)
3) University offers
I've only heard back from the two out of the five I applied for but I'm still quite chuffed I even got an offer as I'm not the cleverest of people. I never really thought I'd go to university but I'm rather excited now!
4) Christmas = Good food!
Oh yes, I'm the greedy one who sits through Christmas day pigging out and eating all the 'good chocolates' out of the boxes and tins we get addressed to 'the whole family'.

5) Not giving up without a fight!
As you know by my many previous, rather depressing posts I am currently fighting to get back with my ex boyfriend (I hate referring to him as my 'ex') and I am still refusing to take no for an answer. I don't believe in giving up on love at all.
6) Hot chocolates!
Oh yes, snow can only mean one thing.... countless hot chocolates. YUM.

7) Breaking up from Sixth Form
I think this picture definitely sums up the Sixth Form I attend and I couldn't be any happier to be breaking up. Unfortunately we don't break up till... wait for it... WEDNESDAY! I know you all may have broke up Friday, or the Friday before that, and if not then your Sixth Form or college may not make you go in anyway because of the snow but yes, I break up on Wednesday and CAN NOT WAIT!!!
8) SNOW!
Although it's freezing cold ALL THE TIME (especially now i'm *gulp* single) and I had to result to walking home from work on Saturday as both buses and taxi's had stopped... but, I can't help but love the snow! It makes everything look so much nicer and you can have so much fun in it, I really want to make a snowman :(
9) Rolo!
My puppy (Jodie... he's not really a puppy any more, he's 2 soon!) So anyway, my puppy is the cutest thing in the world and he always makes me smile :)
10) And finally...
This pictures sums it up.

I've done some rather depressing posts lately and understand that i'm probably boring the hell out of you all, and as i'm not completely in a christmassy mood I thought i'd do a small post to try and cheer me and those reading up a little bit :) Hope everybody else is well and enjoying the snow!


  1. Well done on your uni offers so far!
    I've already eating most of the good chocolate haha. Seriously cannot wait for Christmas dinner!! x

  2. great things to be happy about xxxx