Thursday, 30 December 2010


So lately I've been trying my best to stay busy and convince myself that i'm happy. Although I'm not happy at all my days seem a little bit better when I'm distracted.
Christmas eve I dyed my hair red! You can see it in these pictures, I want it redder but the sixth form I go to only allows 'natural hair colours'!
I've spent lots of time with my older sister Stacey too, we've eaten out a lot and went to see Burlesque in the cinema TWICE! I love that film! There's also a picture of my LUSH things that I managed to get in the sale :D

I'm trying hard to stay busy and keep my mind off things but the next few days i'm spending on my own, can't wait for a new year on my own.
I'm also dreading going back to sixth form on Tuesday :/ I've done no revision at all and have exams in a few weeks :/

Right now I'm sat in bed eating pringles and watching Law Abiding Citizen... Alone. There's a suprise.
Would love a big fat cuddle and some company more than anything, I'll be glad when this crappy year is over :(

On a positive note, I hope you all have a lovely new year and drink and eat more than your body weight in fatty food and alcohol :) :)

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  1. we took some great pictures :):) and i bet your glad u wernt alon new year.. hope the dvd was good, did u fall asleep?? xxx