Sunday, 5 December 2010

christmas list...

i apologise for the RUBBISH picture quality.
here is a few things i want for chistmas plan to buy myself after christmas.
1) lots and lots of new dresses, river island, topshop and h&m have loads of lovely dresses atm!
2) clinique foundation, i haven't wore foundation for well over 3 years but i actually hate my skin now and just want something decent to make me look a bit better than i do now.
3) loads of new shoes - these ones have 3 bows going down them and are the cutest things in the world. shame about the stupid over-priced river island price tag!
4) a panda hat. river island also has cute teddy ones. (i like river island)
5) lots of lush products. yes please santa.
6) a new bag- my boyfriend hates leather bags but i don't care because i want one.
7) dior cherie perfume. yum.
8) the hills season 5 part 2 - i have them all on dvd except for this and season 6 which is yet to be released on dvd :(
9) sex and the city 2, i'm yet to watch this.
10) lauren conrad's second book 'sweet little lies) i hate that her first book ended on a cliff hanger.
11) this cupcake necklace from accessorize.
12) a coin purse from accessorize. ( i want a coin purse then a card and note purse, just because i hate stupidly fat purses)
13) flight tickets to anywhere.
14) this cupcake making set from 'accessorize kids'
15) russell brand's booky wook. always wanted to read this.
16) this carousel necklace from accessorize (not a good picture of it at all but it's cute)
17) more lush.
18) dkny apple. my favourite perfume in the world.
19) charm bracelet.
20) this pauls boutique purse. i'm not a pauls boutique fan, but i like this one.
21) lauren conrad's most recent book - 'style'

i don't want much :)

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  1. OH christmas lists. I had a very hard time with coming up with one. But your #18 is on my list. I always love getting perfume for Christmas. A new year a new smell.