Saturday, 27 November 2010


so yesterday was my bloggerversary! i couldn't get on my computer as i was rather busy and my phone broke yesterday so i couldn't blog :(
so this post is mostly to say a big fat MASSIVE thank you!
thank you for all of your lovely comments and thank you to everybody who follows me and reads my odd little rambles of rubbish!

yesterday was also my beautiful niece Keira's 3rd birthday so we had a small family party which was the cutest thing in the world!
yesterday i also treated myself for the first time in ages to 2 BLINK 182 TICKETS! YAY. i can't even express my excitement, it took me 50 minutes to get them and as i did they were almost sold out within 50 minutes of going on sale! whoa. but yes, i'm so glad i got them! :D

Christmas is near and where i live is covered in snow! at work there are real reindeer's and it's finally starting to feel christmassy! :D i'm gonna sort out my bedroom and have a massive clear out by putting lots of things on ebay to earn a little extra Christmas money, and because it's new year soon and uni next year so i don't want lots of clutter in my room :)

so yes, life is pretty exciting at the moment, still waiting for the uni offers to come flying in (maybe not)
i shall keep you updated on everything don't you worry! :D
and again thank you all very much! :)

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  1. real reindeers? that's crazy!!!!! lol. and i love the feeling of christmas. im so happy to have the love in the air. hahaha. it's the best holiday in the year :] im sure you can agree with me.

    also, happy bloggerversary! im so happy for you! isnt awesome how you made it this far?! and look you have 98 followers! awesome!!!

    anyway... have a great weekend!