Thursday, 9 December 2010

things i hate. oh yes, another ranting post.

i hate the jeggings and crop top fashion. i hate people who walk down the street or on a bus playing their awful phone music rather than using headphones. i hate people who do nothing but moan. i hate liars. i hate fake people. i hate 'scene kids' who claim to be unique. i hate huge side fringes (half of the head swept over your head isn't really a fringe). i hate people that say all men are the same. i hate people who claim to be in love after being with someone a couple of weeks. i hate people that say they don't care about a person then post facebook status' about them constantly. i hate that people buy anything in fashion no matter how ridicilous it is just because everybody else has it. i hate people who try to be dumb. i hate people who sing really loud and think they look cool. i hate people who judge something or someone yet they don't know a thing about that thing or person. i hate people who try to be better than you. i hate attention seekers. i hate people that hate the world. i hate people who feel the need to involve themselves in other peoples arguments. i hate boys/girls who continue to flirt knowing you have a girlfriend/boyfriend. i hate overly vain boys. i hate parents who scream at or hit their children in public. i hate people that hit their children in general. i hate people who just can't be bothered to get a job so they live off benefits because it's cheaper. i hate builders who feel the need to check out every girl who walks past them. i hate being sick. i hate being alone. i hate people who rely far too much on others to the extent that they wont even go to the toilet on their own. i hate how tacky hair extentions can look. i hate the word 'fit' for attractive. i hate beer. i hate people that claim to be random because it's never going to be random if you're trying to be random. i hate people who go to college and spell college as 'collage'. i hate people who use 'of' and 'off' incorrectly. i hate stupidly skinny people who say they are fat. i hate having no money. i hate salad. i hate vegtables. i hate ignorance. i hate people who dislike people for no reason. i hate jealousy. i hate getting stuck in rain. i hate missing my bus. i hate where i live. i hate chavs who start trouble to impress their friends. i hate people that drive like idiots when others are in the car. i hate wasps. i hate people who try to make you feel stupid. i hate biting cotton. i hate chalk boards. i hate being let down. i hate needles. i hate bruises. i hate early mornings. i hate not getting enough sleep. i hate crying in public. i hate parents that don't do anything when their child is screaming on the bus. i hate seeing really young children smoking or swearing. i hate public transport. i hate people who intentionally hurt others. i hate knowing something bad is going to happen. i hate annoying adverts that are played constantly. i hate being ignored. i hate losing things. i hate being alone. i hate gold jewellery. i hate fights, everything about them is wrong. i hate most accents. i hate racism. i hate death. i hate feeling upset. i hate sixth form. i hate people making me feel stupid. i hate being cold.

i'm pretty sure i could write so many more things.

i'm sorry if i offended anyone.

and i realise that i've kinda contradicted myself a little here with the 'i hate people who moan constantly'

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