Wednesday, 24 November 2010


so after STILL not recieving any news from any of my chosen universites you can imagine i've been quite panicky. however, i got home today to a big bundle of post, i quickly went through to check if any was for me and was so excited to see a letter from northampton university!

my fire was soon enough pissed on after seeing the words 'The admissions Tutors would like you to submit two original pieces of written work' followed by 'Please note that for a place to be offered, your submission of this work is compulsory.'

so i have to write a 300 work review of an arts event in the style of The Independant and The Guardian and a 300 word profile of someone who is not necessarily famous but does have an interesting story in the syle of a lifestyle magazine!

this is the point where i fail, i like to write but i can't stick to somebody elses style (i suppose i will have to if i ever do want to become a journalist!) i'm so scared that they're going to hate it and it will destroy any small chance i have of getting in to university!
not only that my tutor* today told me that if i don't catch up with work then i wont be going to university and will find myself at the job centre next year.
* tutor = somebody who you can confide in and will support you through sixth form/school.

so yes, my day has been pretty good all in all, kinda glad i've had some sort of response from a uni and at least they haven't said my grades aren't good enough.
i have 21 days to write something that could decide whether i get in to university or not....
wish me luck!


  1. well written, start using proper grammer and punctuation now and your blog can be just like the column you will one day have. :)

  2. First of all, I LOVE your blog. Second, I am applying for journalism too, and haven't been contacted yet (with one exception). I am shocked at those entry requirements though, because as far as I know, I don't have to do that for any of the universities that I'm applying to. What university is that? (If you don't mind me asking!)

  3. sorry dad,
    i can use correct grammar and punctuation i can just never be bothered to when writing this.

    also thank you sophie! it was for northampton university :) i haven't heard off any others so hopefully no other uni's expect that :) x