Monday, 4 October 2010

things to be happy about.

i'll try and do these every time i write a depressing post just to cheer myself up a bit.

- i've finally chosen my top 5 universities!
- i've finished my personal statement (first draft) for ucas.
-my dog is the cutest thing in the world and keeps trying to climb on me as i'm typing.
-my house is being done up.
-cold weather = more hot chocolates.
-christmas isn't far away.
-i'm having a party next weekend.
-i downloaded an iplayer app on my phone!

i can't really think of much else so i suppose that'll do. it's not all bad.


  1. Good idea doing these! But omg, I couldn't be more opposite - having to choose my 5 unis and doing my personal statements is making me more depressed! Don't want to leave all my friends and family for uni!! x

  2. aww man, we were meant to decide by like 3 weeks ago or something and i only decided today :)
    i don't want to either but hopefully the change will be for the better <3

  3. yay!
    making a happy list keeps people more sane :] i give you props for making one !!

    i wanna see a picture of your adorable doggy ^__^

  4. btw, i like the your blog title :] it's a great song. im actually listening to it right now. yay to john mayer ^__^