Wednesday, 29 September 2010


so as some of you may know from my previous posts on the weekend my and my friend nikki went off to middlesex to meet my sister and to look around middlesex university.
the building was beautiful and everybody there was so helpful and i really liked it. the accomodation wasn't amazing but you can't have everything can you? :)

throughout the day we ate lovely italian food, bought the cutest cupcakes, drank starbucks, got our hairs done at hari's hairdressers in chelsea (i'd reccomend it to anybody) as well as eyeing up the amazing cars outside harrods, drinking the best strawberry milkshakes in the world and checking out all of the designer shops in sloane square.
such a good day!

did anybody else do anything exciting on the weekend?


  1. im so jealous!
    i wanna go to london!
    what is it like living there or living close to it? there's nothing much here in the US lol.

    i'm glad you had fun this weekend though :] beats the fact that i jut lazed around in bed :[ i should do something productive this weekend ;]

  2. i live a 3 hour train journey away but i suppose it's not too far.
    i;ve been told it's like a very small version of new york but i'm guessing no where near as good :(
    you live in las vegas and there's nothing to do!?
    you're crazy!

    aha, i plan on lazing around this weekend as i need to catch up on some sleep :)