Saturday, 23 October 2010

thank you thank you thank you!

that's me by the way.
i feel like i never show pictures of myself on here so you probably don't even know what i look like (and i've decided to be a bit vein!)
so, i just wanted to give a big apology for how rubbish i've been lately, i've had a bit of a crap time lately and i'm sorry for boring you all to death with how depressed i am.
i also want to give a BIG FAT thank you to all the supportive and lovely comments off you!
i really do appreciate every single one of them :)
while i'm here and in a better mood then i have been lately i may as well give you the scoop of what's been going on lately (i'll try to cut out a lot of the crappy stuff).
sixth form: rubbish as always, applying for uni though next week, finally narrowed down my five choices to - winchester, northampton, middlesex, de montford and edge hill.
scary times. i've also stopped doing ict as a full A level as i'm failing badly, so now i only do the AS year, it sucks but it's better than having no grade at all i suppose.
dan: me and dan are up and down and you may have guessed but at the moment we're quite good, tomorrow he's off to snowdown on a 200 mile bike ride to raise money for water aid!
so i'm very proud of him but very scared and i'm going to miss him loads.
life in general: my nephew is one tomorrow so my siser is down from london, so it'll be nice to have all my sisters together for a bit tomorrow :)
my great grandad passed away on thursday after being really poorly so that's kinda added to my rubbish mood also.
i've been spending a bit more times with friends lately which has been nice :)
i haven't worked much lately as i mainly do seasonal work, but i'm really excited to work halloween as well as going to my sisters halloween party :D
bit of a long post to make up for my lack of them lately.
i'll try to be a bit cheerier on here from now on :)
hopefully i'll get blogging more soon too!
hope everyone is also good! and thank you again for all your lovely comments :)

EDIT: seems like blogspot doesn't believe in paragraphs.
i did use paragraphs but this stupid site also decideds to mess with my layout!


  1. awwww babe, hope you feel better soon - glad to know that youre still around though!
    isnt it that blogspot messes up the paragraphs! i ALWAYS get that!

  2. i'm glad to know that you're getting better. and lovely picture you have up there!