Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, been feeling quite crappy as per and been quite busy with sixth form, work, boyfriend, everything really. Haven't done much exciting except going out for the odd meal, alton towers, bits of shopping. I'll post more soon, its my anniversary next week so I may do a post related to that unless you're bored of hearing about that :)
Winter is also here so I'll be in the house lots which also means, more blogging.
Tonight I'm going on a literature sixth form trip to watch Shakespeare's Othello, quite excited if I say so myself.
Right now though I'm in english language bored out of my mind.
I'll do a proper post soon with a point to it. I miss blogging.
P.s its nearly Christmas and I still read all of your blogs regularly.
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  1. Othello is my favorite from Shakespeare {: It's so tragic, but then again... Most of the stories by Shakespeare is tragic. lol. Have fun !

  2. Welcome back sweetie. I hope November is a more chillax month for you.

  3. hate to be a bitch but he wrote more comedies than tragedies, common misconception!