Thursday, 23 September 2010


we're all stuffed with colds and there is fog in the morning, it can only mean one thing. autumn.
there is something romantic about this time of year through to january.
i'm not sure if it's the colours of warmth and the fact you have to dress up in your cosy clothes all the time and stay in cuddling rather than going out or if it's because it was this time two years ago that i started meeting dan of an evening time.
although i often associate autumn with feeling quite low all the time due to colds and flu and it being dark after school/work i also find it comforting. what better way to spend an evening than wrapped up with a hot chocolate and your slippers while the outdoors is freezing cold.
hopefully i get a spare couple of days soon as i'm in desperate need of a tidy around my room and a general de-clutter of rubbish. that way i can come home from a cold, long day to a nice cosy room with my electric blanket that i'm sure will be put on my bed very soon.
mmm, i'm looking forward to the next few months :)


  1. I feel the same way about autumn too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. beautifully written. very good to read, naturally rhythmic. rolled off the tongue. i love you xxxxxxxxx

  3. wherever you live right, i'm jealous. because here in las vegas it's really just super hot. in california, my friends complain about the heat as well.

    and i'm really just jealous at those people who is feeling the cold weathers right now. boy oh boy, i can't wait to cuddle in the cold winter nights ^__^

    also, i love your blog! i'm gonna follow :]

  4. HAHA! oh em gee! i'd be GLAD to swap with you RIGHT NOW *sigh* if only it was that easy. it's SUPER hot over here in LV. and the fact that there's no beach here is a sucky.

    i can't wait to start craving hot cocoa and start dressing up for the winter :]

    i wanna see snow! is there snow there?! LOL. SNOWBALL FIGHTS are the best ^__^