Tuesday, 3 August 2010

hello dearest bloglings, me again.

as always i'm on the boyfriends computer, missing the blog world oh so much.
just to inform you all though, everything is just perfect at the moment and when my internet is back on which shall hopefully be soon then i will have lots of pictures and stories to tell you all i'm sure :)
i'm also regularly reading all of your blogs too and trying my best not to abandon blogger even though i can't keep you all as updated on the happenings in my life as much as i'd like to.
but ah well, i'll try to fill you in on some things that have happened/are happening soon.

dan went off on holiday down to devon for a week leaving me stranded here with nothing to do other than play the sims and have daily 'hills' marathons. oh i live the life.
however, since he has returned the sun has been shining and life has been all good :)
yesterday we planned a 15 mile bike ride/walk, however after 3 my legs were dead and i was dieing so we had a nice relaxing day in instead.
stupid jodie being stupidly unfit.

upcoming plans however are much more exciting than my boring old summer so far, as saturday me and dan and two of my other friends are driving down to weston park to a car park cinema thing (kinda like grease) which i am way too excited for, and tomorrow me and dan are off to watch inception, which i have read many good reviews about on here and can not wait to see. and hopefully friday i will be joining a gym and getting unfit jodie fit!
i also have a wedding in a few weeks which may not be the best wedding but still, i plan to buy a new dress and be glued to my camera all day long so i'm sure everything will be all good.

anyway, must dash as the boyfriend is home.
i'll be back soon :)


  1. :D Take your time and have a wonderful week!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. have a great summer honey

    with lots of love
    suyin xxxxx


  3. take and your time and have a great summer!!!

  4. everything sounds so fun! hope u enjoy your summer. X