Tuesday, 10 August 2010

a few pictures of life lately :)

hello there :) guess who finally has internet?! oh yeah, that'd be me!
today i'd like to share pictures of events that have happened the past few weeks or so as my blog is looking a little plain. i haven't really been doing anything exciting but i'll keep you informed on any good events that do occur, (if any do occur) england weather hasn't been to friendly though this summer so a lot of my time has been spent indoors, hopefully that may change soon though.

anyway, firstly as i mentioned in a previous post last month for a sixth form trip we went off to aberwystwth university for the night. excuse my spelling. but yes, somewhere in wales. i wasn't too impressed by the university itself, but living 5 minutes away from a beach could possibly sway me. it was only a short trip but all in all quite fun. here are a few pictures :)
this was the university and the lovely blue sea in the distance.
big smiles!
group pictures :)
dan wasted no time at all!
sunshine and costa!

i didn't realise it was gladiator sandles day.

secondly, a random night out with my sister, i don't tend to go to clubs much, reasons being because i'm underage and also i don't really like the atmosphere of them. i find there's a lot of catty girls trying to get their hands on a guy. the bit i do like about going out however is the getting ready part. i always find that getting ready to go out is actually better than going out in most cases. here are a few pictures of what we looked like. i didn't want to look too over done partially because i couldn't be bothered really.

my boring black dress.

stupid faces!

as i mentioned in my last post, my friend amanda asked if me and dan would like to travel down to weston park to a drive in movie. grease style. so me, dan, amanda and her boyfriend matt drove down to watch 'the italian job' the film itself i fell asleep through, however i loved the place! it was so cool, you got free popcorn and drinks on arrival as well as a free book and light, there was lots of competitions to win stuff and then my favourite bit. THE CHILDREN'S ADVENTURE PARK! i must admitt this was the best bit, and although i'm only uploading my 'mobile uploads' now i will try to do a post later of the actually night including the pictures from the adventure park because it was SO fun! here are a few pictures we took on my phone anyway before the film started :)amanda looking extremely happy :Ddan looking extremely grumpy. amanda and matt :)the cinema!

i will definitely be uploading more from this night :)
there are also a few videos but i don't know how to upload them if anyone wants to comment letting me know :)

in the meantime, i have been recieving things like this from daniel, as well as another bunch of flowers yesterday :) my other time has been spent spending lots of money in lush and on new clothes as well as working quite a bit.

hope you are all having a great summer :)
you'll be hearing from me very soon!

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