Monday, 26 July 2010

oh bloggy, how i miss you.

guess who still does not have internet! oh yes, that's right me!
i promise as soon as i get my internet back i will be blogging left right and centre!
right now though i am back at sixth form catching up on my ict work and quickly sneaking in a bit of blogging :)

so.. the summer has began, feels more like autumn where i am but the sound of no sixth form for 5 weeks sounds so good that i wouldn't care if it snowed all holidays. okay, maybe i would a little.

right now dan is off on holiday and due to no internet all i really have to keep me occupied is the sims, the hills box sets, the occasional invite out by friends and lots of work.
great start to the summer ay?
however, i have plenty of plans up my sleeve for when dan does arrive home on saturday, and hopefully by then my internet is back on so i should have plenty to blog about :)


but until then, stick around and enjoy the summer :)

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  1. oh i hate it when the internet at mine doesnt work x