Saturday, 14 August 2010


where has this year gone?! i don't feel like i've done anything at all, and as for my great summer. SUMMER!? it's id august and i still look like casper. there are puddles outside.
so my love for summer this year has gone. but i am now so excited for winter!!!
i love winter. it's not a season i usually think about until it is actually winter. i love having an excuse to drink 5 hot chocolates a day and to stay in bed cuddling all day and to wear ear muffs, gloves, scarf, wellies as well as 4 coats. i love the sound of feet on snow. i love making first footprints on fresh snow. i love how cheerful everybody is. i love how pretty everything is covered in snow. i love how it gets dark early but it still looks really nice because it's covered in snow. i love when christmas lights go up, i love being able to bribe my neices to do anything by telling them 'santa wont come if they don't' okay maybe not that one.
i love winter.


  1. Whaaaaat, 4 months?! I had too many expectations for this Summer and when it was actually Summer weather, I was stuck inside revising! Omg I am completely the same; I love Winter and definitely prefer it to Summer x

  2. a beautifully written blogpost :)

  3. I keep thinking this, too. Christmas seems to come around even quicker every year!