Saturday, 17 July 2010


firstly, i'm sorry that i haven't blogged in so long, i've really really wanted to but my internet hasn't been working and i've been trying to set up mobile blogging but turns out that only works if you live in the US. stupid mobile blogging.
so now i resort to blogging on my boyfriends computer to fill you all in on what i've been doing lately :)
firstly, i left school (kind of) i left but i still have work experience and i still have to go back for two days to complete my stupid ict work. fun stuff.
work experience has been nice, i did my first week at a primary school, i did a day in a nursery and although the kids were all lovely the teachers weren't the nicest so i then went to a year 1&2 class (aged 5/6) and although they were all quite naughty i had so much fun with them.
next week i'm doing a week in a nursery somewhere else. it's not what i plan to do in the future really but if it turns out well then it may be an option one day. who knows?

i need to blog about so many little things so i need to get my internet sorted! it's annoying.
the weather has been horrible here so i have been avoiding going out but last night me and my friend went for an indian which was lovely as i haven't spoke to her much this week so that was nice.
other than that i haven't done loads lately, but hopefully the weather improves and i go out more.
so hopefully soon i'll be blogging lots again :)

today anyway i worked 11-3:30 so i had time for a spot of shopping, and i spent quite a lot of money (if i'm going to have a walk in wardrobe one day i need clothes to fill it) why don't boys understand these things?
i'll try to blog soon if i can, hope everybody in blogland is all good.
i'll be back soon :)


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  2. I've just stumbled across your blog - can't wait for more posts x