Thursday, 8 July 2010


we have two days of sixth form writing our ucas personal statements ready for university.
mine is going to be awful so i'm trying to avoid doing it, meanwhile i've been browsing universities online all morning and i've come across a university i really like the look of!
it's in london which is about 3 hours away from where i am now and i would be doing a journalism course combined with creative writing. perfect. however, i'm predicted BCC for my A levels and you need 3 B's which is a bit of an issue. especially since i did really bad in my first year of sixth form so i think my predicted grades may have gone even lower than that so if i want this enough then i really need to try hard.

university has never really been much of an option but right now i'm actually quite excited for it, i'm dreading leaving everyone especially dan as we would have been together about 3 years by then but he wants to go surrey so hopefully if we're still together then we wont be too far away.

anyway, so right now and all day tomorrow i will be writing my personal statement which i always find impossible to do as i don't actually do much. like i don't volunteer or anything, i think maybe throughout the summer and next year i may become more involved and hard working and do things with myself to give myself more of an chance of getting in to my chosen university.
the school i go to now is one of the top performing ones in england apparantly and they said that most sixth form students get their first choice of university so i'm really hoping i get the grades and get in because the courses seem so good!

wish me luck :)


  1. Yeah mines not going to sound good either as I don't have much voluntary work. I want to do English with Media Arts which includes journalism and creative writing :)
    I need a B in English though along with either BC or BB :/. Hopefully I can manage it, but like you said, I haven't done well in my first year either!
    If I do end up getting bad grades I want to go to Falmouth, they do an English course there and you only need CCD! This is because it's an Arts University so English is one of the less popular options. There are also no exams :)
    Fingers crossed I get into Plymouth, I think I can get BCC, just not sure with English

  2. My personal Statement is going to be awful... :/
    good luck!

    i know it'll be just the bomb! haha!