Friday, 18 June 2010

i'm still here

you're probably wondering why i haven't blogged in ages!
i am too really, it's probably because if i had of blogged it would have been me moaning about something. i haven't really done much lately either so i didn't want to bore you with rants and boring posts about how i've done nothing.

firstly, thank god it's friday! :)
i love fridays, shorter day at sixth form, pay day, weekend. you know :)
i woke up a bit late today, so i was an hour late for sixth form which means an even shorter day for jodie.
last night i went to see dan's band play at the schools 'summer concert' it was good. i didn't take pictures or anything unfortunatley.
it's my last few weeks of my first year at sixth form so i've also been 'attempting' to work lots, although my attention span doesn't seem to ever want to let me, hence why i'm on here.
last weekend i just worked loads and went to a party on friday night and got quite drunk. good night though, i may post pictures from that at some point :)
this weekend i'm also working ALL weekend. but i do need the money i guess, so i'll stop complaining. although it would be nice to get a day off once in a while.
next week though we get thursday and friday off sixth form, so hello long weekend.
then one more week at sixth form after that then it's 'higher education week' meaning we go to wales to visit a uni for 2 days then we do our ucas applications which is something to do with uni but i don't actually know that much about it.
then for the two weeks after that it's work experience, which i'm doing one week at a nursery and the week after at a primary school. don't ask why i'm doing that, i left it a bit late and those who do that get stuck in schools. yay.
however! once that is over it's the summer holidays! which i'm hoping will mean lots of parties and sun bathing but in reality i'm guessing it'll be me lazing around because i'm too tired to move or me working.
so yes, i'm a very busy bee lately, so i apologise in advance for my lack of blogging.
i still do read all yours though so i haven't abondoned you all completley.
i'll try to keep you updated on everything though :)
anyway, must dash as believe it or not i have loads to do!

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  1. you are such a busy bee!
    good luck with everything going on!