Thursday, 24 June 2010

i'm ashamed of myself!

throughout june i've only blooged SEVEN times! (this is my eighth)
what the hell is wrong with me!?
i miss this place and i miss all the comments which i'm getting less of :( (probably as i never blog, but that's not the point! keep commenting anyway, i still read them) :)

well i have good news.
i am officially back with dan!
we have had such a rocky past few weeks with the stress of exams and everything but now we're finally at a very good stage and ready for summer so i'm very VERY happy right now.

tomorrow we're off camping with lots of people from sixth form which i'm excited for! my camera is dead though and i can't find my charger so i may not be able to report back with pictures but i'll try my best.
anyway, as i always tell you. i'll try and blog more!
thank you for still following me even though i sometimes am the worst blogger in the world!


  1. That's good about you and boyfriend :) Have a good time camping!

  2. aww, i'm glad you're happy(:,X