Monday, 7 June 2010

prom diddy om

i saw this on a blog earlier - and it made me want to show off how great my prom was as it's prom season :)

my prom was july last year and it was so lovely to see everybody so dressed up and as i didn't drink i happened to have a great and memorable night, so here are some pictures...

to all you year 11's, you'll miss school a hell of a lot, i promise! so make prom night a good one :) good luck!
oh and don't forget to take lots of pictures, i love looking at prom pictures!
p.s third post in one day! guess who's in a good mood today? :)


  1. Your dress looks lovely! I love the colour :) x

  2. i love all these pictures!!
    you look gorgeous!
    and your dress is fabulous!

  3. aww looks like you had fun.

    xo nancy

  4. Great pics, your dress looks lovely x

  5. i love looking back at old prom/dance pictures! makes me happy. anyways, you look beautiful! and your boy is very cute! :)