Sunday, 9 May 2010

i'm such a busy bee.

so, i'm so sorry for abondoning you all.
blah, busy week for me :
i cannot believe it's already may! almost half of the year has gone!
A level exams are coming up so i'm busy at sixth form which is crappy, but at least my first year is almost over :)
i worked for a bit yesterday, but it was quite empty to i finished 2 hours early. yay.
tomorrow i'm going to see Flight of the Conchords with dan, i'm so excited!
today i went for a cavery with the family, which was yummy!
then i went into town and saw my old best friend, so i went around town with her for half hour before meeting dan from work.
since i came home i've order Lauren Conrad's novel and The Hills season 4 :)
i will have them all soon.
the rest of my day i've been tidying my room and watching The Hills season 3, which i've noticed like all seasons, i've seen every episode.
anyway, as i may have mentioned before in my blog, i'm probably the messiest person in the world.
and today, after weeks of telling myself i would.
i cleaned my room.
i deserve an award.
here is some before and after pictures.
be prepared to be shocked with the mess.


thank god for that :)
so yes, exams are coming up and i really would love to not have to be re-taking them all next year, so i'm sorry if i'm not blogging as much.

this month i have lots on, as well as exams. it's mine and dan's year and half anniversary!
we're going to see john mayer and ellie goulding. and maybe lostprophets if i can get tickets next week, so yes, i am a very busy bee!
i hope everyone is all good, i'm still reading blogs so i haven't completley abandoned you all!
i'll be back to my normal blogging self soon enough :)

goodbye for now!


  1. I love the Hills!
    Congrats on your Anniversary!

  2. i'm impressed with your room! thank god the telly is back in the corner too.

    well done jodie.
    10 gold stars.

  3. Good luck with your exams!
    My mum always tell's me 'Tidy Room, tidy mind'.
    It's strangely true.

  4. Wow what a difference! Much better! lol I love the hills! Wish I had a full day to just watch every episode :) haha. Congrats on your anniversary too :) xx

  5. Thanks for following! Followed you back of course :) Aargh I can't wait for my AS exams to be over either - revision's a bitch!

  6. AH i am so messy too!!!
    these photos are an inspiration to me! haha. i always find an excuse for not cleaning!!

  7. my god its like looking into a mirror with your room!

    Good tidying up effort! I'm guessing it won't stay like that for too long if your anything like me and my fella!

    Good luck with your exams chick x

  8. the first pics look like my room ha
    it needs cleaned also i'll go on holiday with you i NEED to get away

  9. good job with your room! I need to clean mine.