Monday, 3 May 2010

moan moan moan. i have come to the conclusion that i need a holiday!

good evening :)
hope everyone had a lovely 3 day weekend!
i haven't really done too much, today was pirates and princess' day at work and i only had to work for 4 hours, so that was nice :)

i'm lacking motivation to do anything at the moment.
i hate not knowing what i want.
a week today and i'll be wetting myself at flight of the conchords. so things aren't all bad.
if you do not know who they are, youtube them. now. you're missing out.

back to sixth form tomorrow. blah.
i can't wait till summer, everything is so dull and crappy recently. i had to buy yellow tulips to go in my room just to brighten things up, it hasn't really worked though.
nothing exciting ever happens anymore.
and i've realised that all those times of letting people down is coming back on me.

i don't actually know if i feel happy or crappy atm really.
i don't have any reason to feel down as things are okay, s0rry for this weird blog post.
i'll try to do a few happier ones in the week, and i'm going to start taking my camera out with me again to capture if anything exciting ever does happen.

suprise me. make me laugh. make me smile. give me inspiration. give me motivation.
i'm sick of doing the same thing daily.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean.
    Everything, logically, is perfectly fine, and yet I can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm not happy. I know for sure I'm not as happy as I used to be.
    I've got exams in 2 weeks. I have no motivation to do anything about it. I just can't wait till the summer so I can figure out what I want so I actually have something to work towards.

    I hope you start to feel better soon. It's a really sucky feeling to have. x