Thursday, 8 April 2010

oh i love the sun! :)

hello my 59 followers!
wow, thank you.
i know it's not very many compared to some blogs, but to me i think that's a hell of a lot.
i love reading blogs and i never thought anyone would read mine, so thank you!
anyway, back on subject...
today was lovely! the sun was shining and i spent the first day with dan in what felt like forever.
we got the train to shrewsbury which is only about a 20 minute train journey away but it's so much nicer than where i live. we went to the quarry and put our toes in the freezing cold river. it was nice.
i'm so pretty sometimes.nothing quite like doritos and hot salsa!

my bracelet off dan :)

the princess house!


  1. Nice pictures and seems like a really good day for a short trip.:D

    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I LOVE pizza and donuts! Isn't that castle house dreamy!!! xoxo

  3. oh wow SUCH great photos!
    those donuts look absolutely delicious!

  4. thank you :)
    it was a great day, and yes both the house and the donuts were lovely! :D x

  5. Oh, it looks like such a lovely day!

    And those donuts look yummy, I'm getting hungry just looking at them:)

  6. What a perfect day with the boy! Awh the donuts look yum, pizza yum, boat ride swell & that princess house is just too perfect!! lovely as always, x

  7. the donuts were so nice, but we had to throw half of them away eventually because we got so bored of carrying lots of food :( x

  8. Am so glad you had fun I really am!♥ and your pictures looks so cute and adorable you both look adorable! And yes chips and salsa is the best thing ever
    I love love that! ♥

  9. Gotta love doughnuts - they look so so yum!

    Great blog tooooo :D