Tuesday, 6 April 2010

when i'm bored, i attempt to make cakes. and fail.

okay, so it's really sunny outside and as nobody would come out i decided to take my dog out which got quit boring after a while, so i sat here watching 'laguna beach' and decided to 'attempt' to make cakes. i didn't have a recipe and i was on my own and well, things didn't quite go as i wanted them to.

okay, so i'm never going to be a chef when i'm older.
this was then when they were cooked. not the most attractive things.sadly, i can't even make icing either :(
i added a happy jelly baby to brighten them up a bit and take the attention away from the cakes

so today i have come to terms with the fact i cannot cook. poor future husband.
maybe i'll get a recipe next time though.
i've ate two of them and i'm not dead yet though :D


  1. i'd say they don't look bad without a recipe! hahaha my past cakes have looked worst WITH a recipe :(

    i love mr. happy jelly baby :)

  2. Haha I'm the same.. I love food, but I'm never gonna be a great cook! I always just use the packet mixes, it's hard to go wrong with those!

    Anyway, I'm sure your cakes taste good :D
    Great blog!


  3. Those look scrumptious!


    P.S. Make sure you enter my Argentine Shoe GIVEAWAY!

  4. aha thank you :)
    they don't taste as nice as ones i've tried in the past though :(
    and chloe i agree, i usually stick to the boxed ones too but i just used what was in the cupboard :)

  5. haha well i've seen better :) but as long they taste good, whats the difference.

  6. haha i know exactly what you mean! i've tried to bake several times and came to the conclusion that my future husband is also going to be the one that cooks.

  7. Considering you didn't have a recipe, I'd say you did very well! The jelly baby was a cute touch :)