Monday, 12 April 2010

hello again!

i'm such a busy bee lately, i'm sorry!
i've been working at 'wonderland' loads lately, which is fun but tiring and i keep not getting paid, which is annoying but i suppose it'll all add up and i'll get a bulk soon which i'll be happier about :)

so much sun lately! i love it, everyone is so much happier in the sun.
although i haven't really made the most of it like i'd have loved to. i've been working and indoors being boring mostly. blah. and i'm working tomorrow and back at sixth form wednesday which sux loads.
hopefully it stays this way though :)

i've been in a pretty good mood this week though, as i've had plenty of LUSH baths and my Sex and the City dvd came in the post came in the post as well as a book i've wanted for a while '14,000 things to be happy about' after seeing it on chelsea's blog. i'm also waiting for another called 'the wish list' which should have arrived some time last week! by the same person. so hopefully i get that soon.
however speaking of reading, when i go back to sixth form i'm retaking my english literature exam which means goodbye 14,000 things to be about and hello wuthering heights. oh i can't wait :

anyway, i'll hopefully be back to regular blogging soon, hope everyone is good :)

1 comment:

  1. HOORAY for SUN!!
    and for sex and the city!! AH MY FAVORITE!
    sorry about your work overload! hope you get a nice break soon!!