Saturday, 24 April 2010


remember me?
i'm so sorry for being the worst blogger in the world lately.there is no excuse, i just haven't done anything really exciting lately and didn't want to bore you all.
but anyway, my computer broke yesterday, well the mouse & keyboard wouldn't work, and i really wanted to catch up on blogs! it was so annoying, so to substitute, i have a crappy keyboard which i have to press super hard and a mouse that goes off on it's own.
yes, so lately, i've been with dan quite a bit, at sixth form, shopping (mostly at lush).
today was lavley, the sun was shining and me and my sister went to town to shop and eat mcdonalds, i bought another new summer dress, a necklace from accessorize, and a lush bath bomb :)

i then went to meet two school friends and we sat in the sun for a bit and laughed about stupid stuff. was nice.

then i met dan from work and we ate ben and jerry's and came home :)

however, the exciting bet of all of this is yet to come. CAKES! okay, so i gave it a miss at making the cakes due to my previous failure :( but my mom made me some and left me and dan to do the fun bit that is decorate them and eat them! YAY!
so while we drank wine, got sprinkles all over the kitchen and gave me a dog a blue nose, i did manage to get a few pictures :)


  1. Awww, how did your poor doggy get frosting all over himself? Lmao! So freakin' cute!

    And are those his REAL eyes?? They are the most gorgeous blue ever! o.0

  2. oh my goodness this is too fun!
    i love how festive your cupcakes are!
    and i'm cracking up over the dog covered in icing!!

  3. Oooooh yummmmy! baking with thee boy is ALWAYS fun! hehe this is sooo cute! :) & your doggy looks so cute! hehe xx

  4. that blue icing genuinely looks like the best thing ever x

  5. the blue icing really was the best thinge ever... because i made it.