Thursday, 21 January 2010

it's nearly the weekend :)

i like this time of the week, i like the weekend even more but this is still nice :)
i also have stayed behind for sixth form twice this week and got up to date on a bit of work, so that's less for me to do which is all good :)
oh yes! i went to see john mayer on tuesday night! i haven't even blogged about it yes, what the hell is wrong with me! i gathered noone had really heard about him in the UK, but it was still packed, and he was actually amazing live. one of the best nights ever, it really was
however, i got a bit too hot, because we were so close to the front and in a huge crowd and i endned up passing out :( but it was a very good night spent with my boy (L)

i also forgot to blog about my weekend last week, friday i spent with my lovely boyfriend, and then saturday we decided to go to the pub with my family, however we got i.d'd and ended up buying some alcohol inviting a few friends over and getting drunk together :) pretty good night in general :)
oh yeah, and i found out this week that two girls i grew up with are both pregnant! i'm in so much shock still, it's so strange seeing my friends start families already! i don't want to grow up :
another thing that i wanted to blog about was my birthday, it's been on my mind loads lately, i really wanted a big party but it turns out i have no where to have it and no plans now at all and it's in 10 days! i don't know maybe i'll think of something over the weekend.
anyway, my eyes are telling me to sleep so i may blog tomorrow, goodnight :)

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