Friday, 15 January 2010


i haven't blogged for a few days, so i thought i may aswell.
i haven't really done much, just been trying to keep on top of all my sixth form work and i'm taking loads of exams too which isn't good.
well i say loads, i have six, because i choose to do extra general studies, which is stupid. the first exam was quite good because it was mostly opinion based so as long as you can put up a decent argument and support both sides then you basically can't go wrong, however i've just been looking at the other papers we have to do like 'the scientific domain' and crap like that and now i regret taking it.

anyway, i need a rant, because a few things have been annoying me.
firstly, the fact that whenever i log in to facebook there is some sort of argument happening, girls are getting bitchier and bitchier, it's so annoying. i can't be bothered with any of it, i have my opinions and there are people i dislike, but i just choose not to involve myself with it, whereas some people feel the need to 'voice their opinions' all over facebook. i don't actually understand why, but it's really annoying.

another thing i want to rant about is racism, to be honest i couldn't care less what colour a person is, or whatever a colour a person tries to act, people are people.
yet another thing i'm sick of seeing all over facebook is a load of crap about the BNP and racism, yet the people ranting about racism (black people) are then slating white people, being equally as racist. i don't understand how black people get annoyed with racism, but then it's okay for them to be equally as racist to white people. it's annoying and stupid. and i don't really know anything about politics or the BNP and to be honest i don't actually think half the people going on about it do either and it just annoys me that they post all of this crap over facebook. so what? racism is stupid and dumb so shut up going on about it.

other than that everything is actually good :) i went sledging down the wrekin the other day to make the most of the snow, and it was the scariest thing i've ever done, but it was fun. i've also been trying to get organised with sixth form and stuff so that's good too, and then of course spending time with dan (L)

i'm happy at the moment. yayayayay.

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