Friday, 22 January 2010

good morning and a good mood.

i've actually had a good week and i'm happy :)
i haven't really got any plans for the weekend except for a night in with my boy tonight, we'll probably get domino's hopefully, or maybe even chinese if he fancies it :D
i'm sat in ilc (independant learning, it's basically 3 hours sat at a computer doing any work you haven't done, not fun at all) and i'm sat on my own as i came in late and there was no seats left.
i've gathered that my blog is quite boring, and i don't really think anyone reads it, so i think as from next week i may start doing more interesting posts with maybe more pictures instead of me moaning all the time.

i like the weekend.
plans for my party have completley failed and i actually have no clue of what to do now, which really really sux.

i'm almost 17! it's such a scary thought, legal to drive and almost an adult.
it scares the hell out of me, but it has more perks than anything so i guess it's actually a good thing really :)

anyway, gotta go before the teacher moans at me for not doing any work.
have a good weekend!
cyaaaaaaa :D

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