Sunday, 24 January 2010

bloggidy blog.

quite a few things to blog about as per usual, for starters i've had a really good weekend, and also, it hasn't zoomed by, which i've loved (L)
friday night was spent with my lovely boy eating domino's and watching tele, then my sister called and decided she was bored, so at about 9:30pm her boyfriend decided to pick us up and take us to hers, there we got ready and went to whetherspoons for some drinks.
turned out to be a good night and me and dan rolled in (i was drunk he wasn't) at about 1:30pm.
saturday day time was also spent with daniel, and saturday night i worked, i didn't do much at work and only did 4 and half hours and still got paid the same, my free meal and tips so that also turned out to be a good night.

today has been a lazy day, i brought cosmo and glamour and some doritos and salsa dip, and i've pretty much stayed in bed most of the day searching online for a birthday dress :)
i haven't found the right one though yet, although i was on and discovered you can buy some of his shoes for less than 35 pound! so i may have to invest :D
i've watched the sex and the city movie countless times in the week, and whenever i see it it makes me want to expand my wardrobe!
i've also made birthday arrangements now, turns out i couldn't have my party and as there was nothing else i
decided to go for a meal then maybe have a few drinks afterwards so that should be good :)
anyway, i'll put a few pictures up for the weekend and stop here before this post gets too long :D

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