Friday, 29 January 2010

it's that time of the week again

the weekend!
which also means, i get domino's pizza tonight, and probably chinese too!
seriously, my new years resolution about not spending all of my money on food went down hill a long time ago. i need to stop.
i get money and never have anything to show for it.
well actually wednesday i really wanted some new shoes, and they were on sale, the only ones there and in my size! i love it when that happens! so of course, i got them. they're simple, red and very high. i gathered i have nothing red to go with them so i got a new red top too :)
it's my birthday monday, and we're going out on the tuesday and i still have nothing to wear :
there is a new bag i'm buying from accessorize, but that's blue and i wanted a white dress, so maybe i'll wear a white dress and blue shoes? or not.
i dunno, i'll have a browse over the weekend :)
anyway, i have lots of work to do so i'll post over the weekend maybe, goodbye xo

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  1. loving your blog!