Tuesday, 8 December 2009

woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

well i didn't really, i woke up on the right side but this week hasn't started out very well and last week was just awful.
this morning i woke up and it was raining which just isn't a good start to the day anyway, then by waking up at 7:20 i realised my bus came at 7:29 and i needed to wash my hair, find something to wear and find everything i needed for today.
as you can probably guess i missed the bus! only by minutes, came out with half dried hair and forgot my english book! great start to the day!
so yes, i haven't been in the best of moods really, not a good couple of weeks so far, however paramore is in a few days and i'm quite excited, but some of the excitment has gone now i've found out i'm SEATED! they sent me a stupid email saying 'you purchased standing tickets, and we can now confirm that you are seated' what the hell!?
stupid ticketmaster!
but yes i am looking forward to them as their music is a m a z i n g. (L)

so here i am, busy few weeks ahead i'm guessing, working lots to get money for xmas presents, which i'm guessing i'll leave till last minute and end up getting whatevers left on the shelves.
exam in january so a hell of a lot of revision, which i hate.
dan is off to hong kong - which i'm dreading.
i think i'm gonna buy the hills box sets to keep my occupied for a few days and just catch up on my sleep.

new year- i haven't really made any plans for new year as i'm not keen on the idea of partying or anything to celebrate the beggining of 2010, however i'm quite glad to see 2009 gone, it's been an alright year, a lot of ups and downs but much better than 2008 i guess.
i think i'm just going to be staying with family through the christmas holidays and maybe working and shopping away, and counting down the days till my boy is home :)

i'm in ilc right now, just had a three hour english language leasson which is the most boring subject EVER! and now i'm sat in ilc with teachers who fidn any excuse to tell you off! seriously, i got told off for holding hands the other day!

anyway, as this is turning in to a big fat moaning rant i'll love you and leave you.
i'll probably post something more positive later if i'm in the mood (L)

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