Friday, 11 December 2009

tonighttonighttonight (L)

tonight, i'm going to see paramore/youmeatsix.
not that i ever listen to youmeatsix, but that's not the point.
the thing is, i'm not even that excited, i'm really unorganised, i don't know train times or fares or anything! so yeah, i'll be happy when i'm there.
last night i went to see dan perform in the school christmas concert, he was so good :) i'm proud of him!
i've had so much work lately, sixth form work and job work, it's horrible, i can't wait till the christmas holidays so i can finally get a decent nice sleep (L)
anyway, i'll let you know how tonight goes :)


  1. hope you have a good night, going to see paramore, i am secretly jealous of you :D xx have fun though xx

  2. its okay, lol
    you will need to get pictures on facebook just to tease me mind :P x