Sunday, 6 December 2009

christmas tree oh christmas tree,

well i'll start off with my new job; wonderland is such a cool place to be at christmas, i didn't really meet that many new people but i'm used to the job already, i know everything to do and what not pretty much, and the hot chocolates are lovely :) so it's all good. however, i don't like my lack of spare time these days, i now juggle two jobs, my boyfriend and sixth form, it's crazy. but i need to make people happy this christmas (and i need new clothes) so i need to work to get money, and i'm trying hard to see dan as much as possible as he goes away soon :(

this weekend- has been sooo tiring, but alright at the same time, i started work yesterday, met stacey and craig up town afterwarms, bought dan some presents and had mcdonalds, then got home and went to tesco to buy some wellys and got kfc, then dan came over and we spend a lovely night together and decorated my mini christmas tree! (L) then spend the morning cuddling in bed, then i had work, which was also tiring but good. dan met me after it with my puppy rolo, which was nice. we just watched 'just married' and scoffed lots of food and now he's gone home :(

english language mock exam tomorrow, i'm dreading it! :: wish me luckkkkkk.
anyway, batman is on and i'm in need of rest so goodbye (L)

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