Wednesday, 30 December 2009

i am jodie and i am lazy.

i haven't blogged for a few days, and there actually is no excuse as i've just been a complete bum these days, i literally have done nothing, a few movies and watched the hills non-stop whilst eating everything in the house :
one more week till my boy is finally home :)

last night though my sister asked me to stay at hers while she went out as her baby was in bed, even though keira didn't wake up i was babysitting, i did ask friends to come over- but that's another story i'll probably rant about later, yeah so last night i watched the whole of the hills season 2 with a glass of rose and some chocolates, then i had chippy when they came home and talked them to death till about 12:30.

today we went up town to help stacey (my sister) find a dress, but with sales everywhere it was impossible!
we took some pictures though :)
anyway, lots more to say i think, i'll probably do it later though as i cba, but yeah (: i have a cough. good times.

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