Sunday, 27 December 2009

no time no blog.

i'm sorry, i've been so busy lately, christmas, family and spending as much time as possible with dan as he went to hong kong today.
of course we are back together, and this time we are really good :)
my sister and her boyfriend came down from london the other day so i've been with them a bit, and of course, christmas, which was lovely. everyone got on so well, with the exception of one in the evening, but i wont go in to that.
overall a lovely day and dan stayed over christmas night which was also lovely.
he woke me up at 7 christmas morning to tell me to check if santa had been, and when i opened my door there was a sack full of presents from him :) i loved it. he is the best christmas present ever and i can't wait till next year to be spending my THIRD christmas with him (L)

i'm a very lucky girl.

i have so much to do throughout the holidays that i was putting off till dan left so i was super busy and the days didn't drag, i have my whole room to clean and sort out ready for a new year, lots of revision, the whole of my english lit book to read, and lots of films and the hills to watch :)

i can't believe it's almost 2010, hopefully an even better year :)
my boy comes home on the 6th, which happens to be a school day, but also a half day so it's good :D
i can't wait to see him again.

anyway i'll post some christmas pictures up and everything later

oh yeah and my hair is now shorter and red :)

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