Saturday, 2 January 2010


hello, i said i'd be blogging more, so here i am at 12:26am coming on here just to blog!
well i may aswell make this about 2009/2010 as you know it's new year and all.
man, so many jokes are made january 1st, i love it, they never get old!
'i haven't seen you since last year!'
'2009 was so yesterday'
'man, you smell, you haven't bathed all year!'
and so they go on!
i love new year not because of the whole 'new year, new start, new me' just because it's an excuse to change things you didn't like, and put things in the past and you have a whole new year instead of reflecting on the things that happened previously. it's nice.
so new years resolutions (i'm doing two english A levels and still have no clue of how to spell that, so if it's spelt wrong i'm sorry) but yes, those new years things, i never keep them, but i always think it's nice to have them as long as they're realisitc, i may write htem down and stick them on my door or something :)
- stay with dan, always make sure he's happy!
-stop spending so much money on food! and try to save!
-learn to cook?
-learn to play an instrument, or get a hobbie.
-get better jokes.
-stay on top of sixth form work, hand in work ON TIME!
-take my puppy out more often and clean out goldfish once in a while.
-make more time for friends.
-keep my bedroom tidy.
-have a g r e a t year.

all over facebook, i've seen people being like 'same shit different year' 'ugh another year' and generally complaining about it before it's even begun! i don't normally make a fuss about new year, it's usually a good ole party on new years eve and then that's it, but i don't understand why people are so negative about it either, there is no reason at all for it to not be a good year!
i hope mine bloody is, because it turns out that i'm 18 next year, which means i'm nearly 20! which means my teenage years are nearly over! and i feel like an old woman half the time so i feel like 2010 should be a jolly good year :)
although right now i sound all for new year, turns out my new years eve was spent at work, all for 5 pound extra and a hell of a lot of work, i couldn't spend it with dan as he is in china! (alright for some) i got home at 3 minutes to 12 just in time to watch the countdown with my mom :)
i then went up to bed! see i am old!

i get the feeling this may be a very long blog.
i gather noone really reads this anyway, but ah well, i'm gonna write anyway.

anyway, enough of the whole new year shinanigans!
i have sixth form on monday, and an exam in a week! i have so much revision, i also have to get my business work up to distinction, and i haven't even passed it yet after 146 pages of work (the merit and distinction parts are even bigger) so yes, i have to get that done by wednesday, and that's just one business lesson!
i also have to read another 30 chapters of wuthering heights, as i still haven't read it and i was meant to have in spetember, and the exam is next week and we are not allowed the book in the exam, as well as that i have to memorise like 14 war poems and know them in detail.
as if that's not enough i also have shit loads of ict work to complete as well as revising for english language!!!
the joys of college ay :
i think i'll start it tomorrow otherwise i'll only be wishing i had when i get a big telling off by the teachers and lots of F's.

also i'm missing my boy like crazy! like so much!
it's so strange not seeing him everyday or waking up next to him or texting him whenever i want to : he's back wednesday though and he is getting the worlds biggest hug!

i think this is going to the worlds longest blog post.
ah well it's my first one of 2010 so why not go all out.
oh yeah, i also need to tidy my room tomorrow and work, so that's going to be fun.

i've decided i'm sending off for my provisional license next week, i've asked for lessons for my birthday and i'm hopefully going to be driving by august :) well, i hope anyway.

anyway, loads to do tomorrow, but i may blog some more tomorrow if i can be bothered.
happy new year to everyone :)

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