Friday, 4 December 2009

good morning.

nice and early today :)
but hey, it's friday.
i have work tonight though till like 11:30, but i get a free indian so it's all good, then i have work at wonderland yayayay, then free kfc tomorrow night :D (L)
i love free food more than i love fridays.
tomorrow night i get to spend with my favourite boy (L)
i like saturdays.

why am i talking about the days of the week?!
anyway, yesterday my neice ate a slug.
i find that so hilarious.
i got 3 hours of ilc, to erm, revise. i don't understand why i couldn't have just stayed in bed :(
then i have english lit, which just makes everything worse, as i have to memorise like 80 war poems which all look the same to me.

anyway, gonna get on with the blog i'm meant to be writing in.
cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (L)

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