Monday, 6 January 2014

My Thoughts on Living in London (Part 2)

Why such a lack of manners?
The second part of this feature (yes, I'm making it a feature - it won't all be rants, I promise) is going to be about a big pet peeve of mine, manners.
Why don't Londoners have manners?! Don't get me wrong this isn't aimed at everybody who lives here, but unfortunately a huge percentage.
Coming from a small town where people greet you in the morning and queue to get on the bus, the post shocking revelation when I first moved to London was how rude a lot of people are!

If you've ever visited London from outside of London you will probably know this. I'll be walking around and be barged several times without acknowledgment let a lone an apology, men will barge past me to get on the train first, I literally don't understand it.
Drawing for my previous rant, I understand London is sometimes not a nice place to be, but please try to make it a little better for those you have to face day to day.

I understand that everybody has bad days, some have terrible days, on those days especially you do not want to be faced with a busy London train station or a bus full of people, but someone may just be in the boat as you are and that being said, try to be a little nicer, we need more nice people in the world.


  1. I always thought people would be so polite in London. Mh. You're right, we need more nice people in the world. :) You and me, we're a good start. ;)

    Katharina // Katinka

  2. Some are, of course. But I think because it's so busy and stressful people lose sight of it :( xxx