Friday, 3 January 2014

My Thoughts on Living in London (Part 1)

Slightly different kind of lost today and probably not one anyone will bother reading. But I'm in the mood to write and rant and why not blog it. 
So I've been living in London for over two years now, I've formed my opinions on the place. I know where is good to avoid, where I like and a lot about the people. Today I'm just going to write a half rant half whatever of my thoughts on London. This could go on forever, so I'll just limit myself for today and come back another time.

Why are Londoners always in a hurry?
Coming from the countryside, where people actually sometimes argue for 5 minutes over who is letting who on the bus before them to going to a place where you get pushed for an empty seat even on an empty bus, I always find myself questioning the manners of Londoners and why people are always in a hurry to get somewhere.
I unfortunately have to spend a lot of time in busy tea on stations (namely Victoria) station, and let me tell you, Victoria is not the place to be at rush hour. People will walk into you no matter how much you try to avoid them. You will get pushed to the back of any queue no matter how hard you try and no one, I repeat no one, will acknowledge your existence. 
So why are Londoners always in a hurry?
Today it came to me. Nobody wants to be there. Nobody wants to be in this over crowded (sometimes smelly), place. Full of angry, stressed people. People want to get out as soon as they can and return home to their lives. (Or at least me anyway). I don't want to be in these horrible places as much as the next person. However fellow Londoners please try to use manners when you are barging me to get a bus seat next time. Please.

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