Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Best of 2013!

Hello everyone!
2013 is almost coming to an end, as excited as I always am to begin a new year I'm also sad to leave a great one behind. 2013 was a good one for me, it definitely had a few downs, it had a lot of lessons and a lot of realizations. But one main thing it had was memories. This post is going to be a huge post of my 2013 summary (the good bits) in no particular older. 


1. My 20th birthday
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My 20th birthday was perfect, the night before my lovely boyfriend took me for dinner then took me to see Matilda the musical which was amazing!
On the day of my actual birthday he took me to get my hair done, took me shopping then took me to the Marriott County Hall hotel (which was beautiful) then he took me for dinner on a boat along the river Thames! The next day he took me and my friends out to my favourite restaurant. (He's the best). Overall a great birthday.

2. My 1st year anniversary in Brighton
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3. Loads of beach visits
I love to be by the water, and as growing up all of my closest beaches were all in Wales I decided my first summer in London would be full of lots of spontaneous beach visits. Including Brighton, Bournemouth and Southend (a few times!)

4. Dinner in St. Tropez
Yes this happened. A surprise birthday treat for my boyfriend's sister was dinner at her favourite restaurant in St. Tropez France. We road tripped from London all the way across France for the weekend at it was lovely (despite the rain).
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5. Holi One Festival 
I love festivals. I knew I wanted to go to one this year and when my friend emailed me about Holi One I knew I HAD to go. I asked my friends and everyone was in! (If you don't know what it is, YouTube it!)
It was honestly one of the best days ever, everyone that came had so much fun and we will definitely be going back next year. Read the blog here!

6. 10 days in Marbella 
Fortunately for us, my boyfriend's sister lives in Marbella, so of course we are obliged to visit her (hard life!). In September we flew out for 10 days of sunbathing and cocktails, it was lovely.
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7. Endless BBQ's
Me and Chris kinda got into the spirit of hosting BBQ's this summer and probably over did it and threw far too many. He'd be on cooking duty and I was on cocktail duty. So much fun.
Blog post here..

Other than all of this fun stuff, I spent 2013 having plenty of picnics in the park, commuting between London and the Midlands to visit my family. Having lots of fun nights out making new friends and seeing Daft Punk and Kelis spontaneously and topped off with a new addition to my family (my niece) and a lovely Christmas.

It's safe to say, 2013 has been pretty good to me.
I've definitely had some pretty big downs which I don't intend on delving into right now, but for the majority it's been a good year and I hope 2014 will be even better.

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