Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Random Favourites!

Hi guys!
I'm back again with yet another 'end of the year' themed post and today I'm going to tell you all about some of my favourite things from 2013. I will be doing another 2013 favourites post on my other blog which will consist of all things beauty, hair and skin care in the next day or so, so keep posted on that.
So without further ado, here's a round up of things I've been loving this year!

Favourite Person:
So of course, it's no surprise that my boyfriend Chris is my favourite person. He puts up with a lot being with me, but we really do have a great relationship and he has been so good to me this year.

Favourite Place:
This is quite tricky, I've found myself appreciating visiting home a lot more this year so that's definitely up there. Over the summer my favourite place was definitely Southend beach, I think it's so under rated compared to other beaches around London, but I had so much fun there this year.

Favourite App: 
Probably Instagram or Pintrest. I'd love to say a new found discovery, but to be honest I'm not hugely into games or anything exciting so there's nothing exciting on my phone sadly.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink:
A new discovery (invention) this year was Peach and Apricot Fanta, I can't even express my love for it!  

Favourite Alcoholic Drink:
Working in a cocktail bar for two years I was always discovering new drinks, as well as going to several cocktail bars in my free time ha! A few favourites would be frozen Strawberry Margaritas, Disaronno Royale (champagne with lemon and disaronno) or a French Martini. Yum.

Favourite Food:
This year I've found myself loving anything spicy. I think my taste buds kinda got bored of normal food and wanted everything to be spicy. Other than that my food habits haven't really changed, I like burgers, cheese, curry and anything that's bad for me. 

Favourite Restaurant:
I'm quite low maintenance when it comes to restaurants (obviously I expect good service and good food) but I'm not hugely into very fancy restaurants. My boyfriend's family are into fine dining so I'm lucky enough to eat at some great places but my favourites still continue to be Byron Burger and TGI Friday's.

Favourite Book:
So I've finally got back into reading again after a year break and I've read quite a few books this year, but my favourite would have to be Dorothy Koomson's - Rose Petal Beach

Favourite Memory:
2013 has definitely been a year of making memories, in particular mine and my boyfriend's first holiday to Marbella.

Favourite TV show?
Gossip Girl. I can't believe I only discovered it this year! It's my favourite TV show of all time, I could watch it daily (and I do most days).

Favourite Artist?
This is so difficult, there's so much music I really like I can never choose favourites  this year I've been loving Ellie Goulding (kinda cheating because I've always liked her), Bastille, Ben Howard also.

Favourite Movie?
This is another difficult one, I've seen plenty of good films this year including one of my favourites Now you See me, but the takes the throne (and yet again I'm late to the party) is Pitch Perfect, I didn't expect myself to like this as much as I did, I'm not into musicasly at all, but this is so funny and I loved it!

That's about all I can think of, it's been a great year with plenty of discoveries and new things going on.
I have a couple more New year's themed posts on their way in the next week, but if I don't get on here in the next couple of days, then I hope you all have the best new year!
Thank you for everything! 

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