Saturday, 20 July 2013

Where am I?

Firstly, I'm sorry again for being the most inconsistent blogger ever! 
I'm sure I mentioned in a previous blog but this month I am so busy!
I will be doing more in detail posts of what's been happening but for now I thought I'd fulfilled my need to blog with a brief update on what's been happening in my oh so exciting life.

As for work, I've had two different jobs already this month, I've basically been just working here and there to try and get me through the summer.
Other than working I've had a couple of trips to the beach, I've had some birthday events, BBQ's, and I also have loads coming up.

It's Chris' birthday on Monday, and Chris is also opening his new shop on the 29th, both very stressful but very exciting.

So yes, I'm sorry for the lack of consistency in my posts but I'll try and squeeze them in when I can and keep you all updated on life.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun :)

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