Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A to Z of me, F is for...


I couldn't possibly do a tag about my life without including the most important people in my life and the people who make me who I am, could I?

I have a big family, some of which I don't even know exist, they're all over the world too.
But my immediate family, which includes my Mom, my 4 older sister's and their children are my everything. 
I'm proud to have came from a pretty close knit family, my sister's and I are all two years apart, making us all able to pretty much enjoy the same things and all get along really well (when they're not stealing my clothes that is)!
Of course we fight and argue and there have been physical fights in the past too, but I think we're a lot closer than most families and I know that if I ever needed anything they'd all be there.

As for my nieces and nephews, they're the people that keep me smiling even on the worst days, I have so much love for them and I care about them stupid amounts. I love seeing them grow older and develop their own little personalities.

As for my Mom, she holds it all together, she raised us all to be strong and independent, I don't give her enough credit considering how tough it must have been to raise 5 very opinionated girls, but she did a great job!

I'll insert a few family pictures below :) 

 All my nieces and nephews minus one! 


 All of my sister's! 

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