Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A-Z of me, E is for...


E was a tough one actually, but I gathered one of the biggest parts of my life is the place I live right?

I've lived in England my whole life, I grew up in a small town in the countryside, I never really appreciated it until I moved to a city, but the endless fields, lakes and forests make for a great childhood. Making 'dens' and tree houses and walking down the street and feeding the horses in the fields. It was actually quite lovely. 

Then I moved to London, it was a different lifestyle, different people and a completely different environment, but I loved it. I love that everyone is always in a hurry, I love the anonymity, I love seeing something new every single day, and as of right now I love living here. (Of course I still love to visit home every now and again too, I like the balance!)

So yes, England. Full of both beautiful countryside and crowded cities, both of which I'm lucky to get to take advantage of. As much as I might moan about it, I could never imagine living anywhere else. It really is a beautiful country.

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