Tuesday, 26 March 2013

One year of happiness.

On the 21st of March, me and Chris celebrated our first year anniversary! It feels like much longer because we had been dating for 6 months before he finally asked me, but nevertheless the day finally came around.
We didn't want to do anything too crazy because February was a very expensive month for us, with lots of birthdays and Valentine's day, however after hours of searching online I found a perfect hotel which was kinda in budget and we booked it there and then. 

So on the 20th we headed down south to Sussex and to the hotel, the hotel was absolutely beautiful, probably one of the nicest I've stayed in (and I've stayed in some pretty fancy hotels).  

On arrival we were greeted with afternoon tea and homemade cake which was perfect after the journey and then taken to our gorgeous room.

The first night we spent enjoying the hotel and watching Netflix, then the next day we headed to Brighton (which was about 25 minutes away).

As freezing cold as the weather was we spent the day walking along the beach, looking around all the cute little shops, on the pier winning prizes as well as visiting the Sea Life Centre to see some sharks and what not. We then had dinner before heading back to the hotel.

That night we enjoyed a bottle of champagne and a few other drinks and enjoyed the rest of our stay.

I honestly couldn't have asked for a more perfect time with a more perfect person. 
It's been the best year and I cant wait to spend many more with him :)

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