Tuesday, 26 March 2013

25 Facts about me...


1. I'm left handed
2. I have four older sisters, and no brothers
3. I have broken my left elbow twice
4. Including university and college, I have been to 8 different schools
5. I have lived in 14 houses
6. I moved to London when I turned 18
7. I work in a cocktail bar/nightclub
8. I hate tea and coffee
9. I eat several chocolate bars & packets of crisps on a daily basis
10. I eat out or eat takeaway more often than I eat home cooked meals
11. I still have a lot of my baby teeth
12. I have really small feet (size 3) 
13. I used to hate cats until I got one and now I'm obsessed with them
14. When I was younger I threw a rock at my sisters head (twice)
15. I have asthma
16. I buy cupcakes all the time because they look cute, but I never eat them
17. I once bumped into Gok Wan in a frozen yoghurt shop & spoke to him for ages
18. The first festival I went to was Global Gathering & my drink got spiked there
19. I have never smoked in my life
20. I'm the fussiest eater you will ever meet
21. I hate people taking pictures of me but love taking pictures of others
22. When I start to like a TV show I will watch every single episode, start to finish
23. 2010 was the worst year of my life
24. I'm the biggest worrier ever
25. I have 4 niece's, 2 nephews and my sister is pregnant.

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